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A Key Moment

Of all the great games and significant moments in March Madness this last weekend, one really captured my attention. It was the plight of Wichita State, and the comments of their coach after the game. Wichita State was  the first team in the history of the NCAA to go 35 -0 in a single season. They played a much younger but very talented Kentucky team in one of the best games I have ever seen. The Wichita State Shockers seemed to play flawless,  BUT lost. One play, one shot, one moment could have made all the difference, and may well have propelled them to a perfect season… the kind of season that may never have been matched. That may be hard for those payers to shake

It was not the game, but the scene from their locker room that really stuck with me. It evoked some emotion, and a very familiar theme with me…. disappointment. The crushing disappointment on the faces of the kids who had accomplished so much was hard to get by. It brought back my struggle over the last couple of years with deep disappointment. The faces of those players reminded me of the danger of letting disappointment settle in,because unchecked it can overwhelm and impact our perspective on life. The Shocker’s coach told his players how proud he was of what they accomplished. He exhorted them to remember that they had put together the most successful run in the history of college basketball, and he pleaded with them to know that they have nothing to hang their heads about.

I have realized a few things about disappointment in my own journey over the last couple of years:

  • I need to name it, feel it, express it.  Burying it does only damage
  • I have to find that place to be totally real with it
  • It can be a key tool of an enemy who wants to turn us away from God.
  • It can also be the starting place of needed restoration and hope.

The  words of the coach ring true:

There are times we experience success and times we come up short. But it is okay. You have nothing to hang your heads about.  Giving all of yourself to something can be tough, but it is worth the risk. I am proud of you, and it is an absolute joy coaching you this season.

Sounds like something God would want to say to us.

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