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Father of the Bride….

This coming week represents one of those significant moments in life. For me, these moments of significant change in close relationships have always been a challange to navigate.

I have loved being a parent. Even before I was married I remember being really excited about someday being a dad. I always knew that it was a role I was gifted for and passionate about. Though some of the transitions and changes have been hard, I have loved all of it. (Well… most of it.) I have poured myself into being a dad, and I have few regrets. But through the years, those significant moments of transitions like the 16th birthdays or sending my kids off to college, have pushed me into some deep reflection. I have sometimes personally struggled with releasing my kids into that next season of life. No matter what my personal desire in those moments has been, change still came. Change is always the constant.

With my daughter, there has always been something special, something extra to protect. She tends to love the things I love: travel, hiking, biking, the mountains, new adventure, impacting people.


Well, in a couple of days I walk her down the aisle.

It is odviously an awesome moment for her,  she is excited, and it’s an incredible moment for them to begin to tell a new story with their lives going forward.  But there is no doubt things are about to change. These last few weeks I have felt like I am in a fog, , not really ready to face or embrace the change that is coming. I feel like I am in this scene in the second Lord of the Rings movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

There is this great moment between the main character Aragorn and Théoden, King of Rohan. The enemy is attacking, fully intent on destroying the people of Middle-earth. The King is ignoring the reality in front of him, and has decided to gather his people and retreat to the mountains. When Théoden says that the risk of engaging the enemy is too great, Aragorn looks him in the eye and says, “Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not.”

So in my reflective moments, I am facing the reality… change is upon me, whether I willingly face it or not.

Given that reality, what is my next step? Well for now, a little more time with my journal and another cup of coffee are in order….

Rick HeinDecember 18, 2015 - 2:45 pm

Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Having your kids get married is great b/c eventually they give you GRANDKIDS! Please pass along our warm greetings to Marsha.

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