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‘For the Enjoyment of the People’

It is hard to see this summer end. It has been epic in a lot of ways . Don’t get me wrong, life still happened… there were times of deep disappointment and frustration, and times of sadness and the loss of a dream or two. But it was also a time of discovery, wonder and incredible awe . I saw and experienced some incredible beauty this summer. The highlight was this bucket-list trip with my family.

We drove through the Black Hills and the badlands, then through northwest Wyoming where we saw Devils Tower. From there we journeyed into Bozeman, Montana, and spent a couple of days fly fishing on the Yellowstone River.  Then we headed down through Yellowstone and spent a couple of nights in the Grand Tetons. There were  powerful waterfalls, buffalo and bear, and unparalleled colors and natural beauty. And there were the memorable and simple moments like some intense games of “bags” with my very competitive kids each night in Bozeman.

As you enter Yellowstone from the north near Bozeman, there is a large stone arch with the inscription, “For the benefit and enjoyment of the people.” When I saw it, it struck me that those sure could have been  the words straight from the Creator of this place and of the other amazing things I got see and experience the last several months:

  • the spectacular colors and sights of Yellowstone
  • the wildflowers and waterfalls in Crested Butte
  • the incredible San Juan Mountain range
  • the beauty of the cutthroat trout in Montana
  • the spiritual feel and incredible views of Devils Tower
  • the rolling hills and high plateaus of southeast Montana
  • the sunset from our porch in eastern Nebraska
  • the rhythm of the surf on Laguna Beach
  • the vast grasslands around the Niobrara River.

In all these moments I got a sense of a Creator simply saying, “All for the enjoyment of the people.”

So I’m committed to continuing to chase the beautiful places–those places where I feel more inspired, more steady… more centered.  Those places where I move forward with a greater sense of rhythm, and I have a more focused desire to keep chasing the awe, the beauty and the majesty of the Creator.

So this begs the question… where next? The sunset off my porch was pretty incredible last night, sometimes I don’t have to go that far.

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