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Higher Ground

The last few weeks I have been bogged down, indecisive, struggling, hating the cold, and in a generally lousy mood. I have struggled with the easy decisions, and have repeatedly been stressed out by insignificant events.

So this week I changed the scenery and sought some higher ground. Granted, most anyone’s outlook will brighten if you’re staring at the ocean from the cliffs above Dana Point, California. But the scene reminded me again that when I have searched out higher ground–I mean literally higher ground–it has helped my perspective and given me the needed push to keep moving. Nothing mind blowing today, no huge revelations, but this change of scenery really helped.

It is part of why I have always hiked up to higher ground. It is why I did it again today. Things don’t seem as stressful. I seem to think more clearly and it is so much easier to see the bigger picture. In two days, it’s back to the cold but it has been great to be reminded again that a change of view–and a change of about seventy degrees–has provided some needed inspiration and a change in perspective. So next time I feel myself sliding toward anger and frustration, or stuck in indecision, I am going to do my best to change my view and move to some higher ground.

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