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In the Gray, Part II

So I continue to feel nudged to read some of my old journals, and it is crazy how encouraging, inspiring, and challenging it has been. Several years ago, I was meeting with a mentor of mine, Dan Webster. It was long before we launched Harbor Ministry, and the RHYTHMinTWENTY events that we now do. At that time Dan asked me this: ” What is it that you are passionate about? What do you uniquely bring to the table? What is it that God has put on your heart, that if you do not do it won’t get done?”

So that night, Feb 6, 2006, I journaled this:

  • I think I need to create a experience for people. Not just an event, but a experience that can inspire and encourage other leaders.
  • I think I need to create a pathway of sorts, to help leaders stay the course with their families, to leave a legacy, to enjoy the journey, to finish well.
  • I hope I can help lay a foundation for younger leaders, and encourage the older ones to keep going.

(As I sit here in Feb of 2014, it is crazy how what I am doing now with Harbor Ministry  is nearly identical to what I laid out in 2006.)Then later that spring in 2006, I come across something I wrote about a passage In Acts 26:16-18. The verse says, “Arise, I appoint you to serve and bear witness to the things you have seen. I am delivering you form the people and from the gentiles, to whom I send you… to open their eyes.” It was then that I knew I needed to start to put some of this Harbor stuff into action.

This was a time in my life when I was thinking about some pretty big decisions, and wondering if I should launch this new ministry. Looking back has really encouraged me to keep going, to keep taking chances, to keep taking the steps that I sense God is leading me toward.

So today I am reminded again, that is really is helpful to look back, and see the ways He has spoken and led me. I am challenged as well to keep journaling, keep capturing the thoughts, moments, and impressions along the journey. Take a look back, you may be amazed at how He has led you.

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