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Living Large, Part I

Chasing Mavericks” was an under-the radar-kind of movie that came out last fall. It was maybe an average movie, but it has had a big impact on me. It is the true story of Jay Moriarty. He had a deep connection with the ocean and a amazing gift for surfing. His passion was to chase the biggest, baddest waves in Southern California — waves called mavericks. So he trained, he studied, he waited, he dreamed, and then one day he became a legend when he took the risk and stepped out and rode a monster wave all the way in.

My youngest son has been a bit of a maverick chaser. His dream has been basketball. Before his junior year he was getting a lot of Division 1 interest and he had his heart set on playing for Nebraska. Then the end of his junior and into his senior year he had two major injuries and three surgeries. This maverick chaser took some serious hits. Yet in the last couple of months the dream re-emerged, and this last week he got his shot to try out for the Huskers. So he put his heart on his sleeve again and he gave it his best shot. Just today he got the call that he did not make it. Sometimes you put yourself out there, you take the steps you feel God has led you to take, you take a risk, you follow your passion and the wave  still slams you into the beach.

But this  maverick chaser has inspired me way more than the movie. Every obstacle he has faced has not taken him out. He stays positive. He knows God is watching out for him. He knows there is a bigger story and that he has been uniquely designed to chase that larger story no matter the outcome.

So where are you in the chase? Have the waves slammed you to the bottom or are you riding it in? Is it time to look for another wave?  My maverick chaser is pretty discouraged right now — actually very discouraged. As for me, I am more angry, angry at all the obstacles and discouraging  setbacks  he has had to face over the last year. And I wonder why he seems to be so gifted, yet blocked again and again from using those gifts.

But I have no doubt he will soon be looking for another wave, because I believe he knows that even with the risks,  even with the dissapointment, he knows he was made to live a big story. In his heart I believe he knows he was meant to chase mavericks. All of us were. So where are you in this chase?

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