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Still Chasing Wide Open Spaces

I ended last week’s post with a commitment to keep chasing those much-needed wide open spaces. This week  as I have prepared a talk on Joshua leading the nation of Israel into the promised land, I am struck by God’s words to Joshua as he readies himself and the entire nation to enter their new homeland.

What strikes me about this section of scripture is how quiet Joshua is. This warrior—this man of action—has found some space to quiet down and just listen. He has found some space to shut off the noise, get quiet, and just listen… listen to the words God has for him BEFORE he acts.

In the next few weeks, I am going to enter into some of those wide open spaces again myself. I’m heading into a few weeks of sabbatical. The pace of Harbor Ministry and my other responsibilities has really increased lately. It is an exciting and deeply fulfilling season of ministry. But at the same time, I sense it is critical that I slow down and do some listening. I’m not sure where some of those open spaces will be, but I am going to seek out time of the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, then I’m heading to southern Montana for a bucket-list road trip with my family. Likely there will also be some extended biking, kayaking, and time in those quiet spots closer to home.

I sense that Harbor is at an exciting, but important crossroads, and my kids are at some important crossroads themselves. I have no idea if I’ll get some of the clarity I seek, or if God just wants me to enter the wide open spaces for no other reason than to connect with him. Whatever the case, I am going into this time with the intention of shutting off the noise, getting quiet, and enjoying some wide open spaces.

I will likely start a regularly posting again after the 4th of July, but we will see what the next few weeks bring. By the way, if you know a good spot on the east side of Lake Michigan or southern Montana, let me know.

Here is to finding some of those wide open spaces we all need…

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