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The Indicator: Critical Questions, Part II

So I got to fly fish for two days with my sons on the Yellowstone and Gallatin rivers near Bozeman, Montana. The experience with them–about as good as it gets. Incredible scenery, trout bigger than I ever thought I’d catch, and great memories with my kids.

We were fishing with two flies on the line, one being a dry fly that would float on the surface. They called it the indicator. Sometimes the trout would rise up and hit the indicator fly, but most of the time, they would hit the fly that was subtly dragging under water, and often that was tough to detect. We had to watch that indicator fly very closely, stay focused, watchful, and ready. It was the key to the whole experience.

In the RHYTHMinTWENTY and Rogue events we do, we talk a lot about the themes, and the messages that can come from our life experiences.We look at the natural flow of life and explore where God is moving and what He is saying to us through the ups and downs and the critical crossroads  of life.  For me, it has been challenging these last few weeks,to slow down, think, get quiet and ask what some of the natural indicators of my life are saying.

A few times over the last few years I’ve hit the wall, and really had some times of struggling physically and spiritually. As I think back, I recognize some of the indicators I missed. If I had paid attention, they might have helped me get ahead of a crash.

For me, some of the signs of pending trouble were:

  • Loss of interest in things I typically love doing
  • Becoming easily frustrated over insignificant things
  • Indecision and wavering that seemed to dominate my day-to-day decision-making.

So what is your life telling you? What are some of the indicators that tell you need to slow down and seek God in a more intentional way? Maybe there are some indicators that are saying it is time to make some things happen. Is there anything telling you it’s time to step it up, to take a step of faith, to not settle?

So what do you think? Is there some warning signs out there?

As for me, I’m ready to plan another trip to the Yellowstone River…

Rob SchultzAugust 8, 2014 - 10:47 pm

Ah, Tim. Read your blog yesterday and hurried through it and then deleted it. Score one for the enemy! Today I clearly heard GOD telling me to reread it. So glad I did. I have lots of stress points in life right now…emotional, family, physical. Reading your blog the second time took me back to Num. 14:24. Pursue Him. And only Him. Recognize the burdens and turn them over to Him. Only then can we experience the unforced rhythms of grace.
Are you preaching again this summer? Love in Christ…Rob Ps63vs4

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