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I cant seem to get that picture from my last post out of my mind, there is just something about it……


There could be a lot of reasons. Maybe it’s the road… well traveled, a bit worn, but still inviting…

Maybe it is the lure of that familiar yet mysterious mountain range… a constant reminder for me of this mysterious God who continually invites us to step out, to take a risk… stay on the journey and continue to pursue Him.  It might be this adventurous pursuit of the unknown that I have so often been ready to give upon, or at least been tempted to take an easier road.

Maybe it is the tension I feel when I see it, There has been so many times when disappointment,  fatigue and frustration at God’s silence have set in. at times  I have felt beat up, and have wondered if it is worth staying on the road.

At the same time there is this pull, this invitation and challenge, the need for risk, the call to not just settle… to not give up, or give in, but to keep seeking out that mountain range all the way to the finish line…

Maybe it is just the pure love of the mountains that keeps me moving, seeking, hoping for more.

Last week as we finished up a RHYTHMinTWENTY group in that mountain range , I was reminded that those glimpse we get of God—those brief moments when the windows to what this life was supposed to be like open up—make it all worth it.

It keeps me on that well-traveled road looking for more.

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