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Best of 2013: Sometimes You Have to Go Fishing

In the cold and gray of winter, I found my mind wandering back to a great summer memory. One of the highlights of 2013 for me was three days of being unplugged, surrounded by nature, my son and good friends. 


Sometimes, you have to go fishing.

I learned that from my dad.  He was a farmer and the summers were some of the busiest work times. But when I was little he would tell me that whenever it rained an inch we could go fishing. And he always followed through. Even if there was a ton of work to be done, we would still head out. I picked up some great life lessons there. One is that there is a time for everything; a time to work, a time to play… and a time to go fishing.

The last three days have been a great escape. In fact, I was able to shut off my mind, the phone and work more than I have in a long time. It is amazing how hard it can be to step away from the routine and from business, even  to do the things you love most. Last week, it took some time with my oldest son, good friends, and a road trip to South Dakota  to get me to totally disconnect. Today I feel much more ready for the busy season ahead of me. Sometimes you have to find a way to really change things up, get out of the routine, and go.

It was just three days but they were filled with great stories and unique moments like the rodeo-riding, car mechanic waitress who told us we’d better keep our rooms clean or she would kick our butts. She was the hotel maid as well! Or the classic fishing moment that seems to always happen, when one of the fishing guides took my friend and his son to another spot because they weren’t catching anything. Two minutes after they left, we caught one walleye after another and brought in a boat load of fish. Then there was late night cards and the “exceptional” movie we watched, Sharknado.

It didn’t take much; just a little planning and a willingness to hit the road. In some really unique ways, God met me there. He met me right in the middle of doing the things I love most — sharing unique experiences, family, friends, travel, lots of laughs and some fishing. Whatever you love to do, take time to get away and enjoy it. Slow down this crazy pace you keep and hang out the “gone fishing” sign once in a while. Life is way too short and chasing the things you love to do will give you what you need for the rest of it.

See you on the lake.

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