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What I Learned from Walter Mitty

These last couple of weeks I have been struck with the images, scenes and impressions from the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

There are many things in the film that are compelling. In a lot of ways, the movie represents  some of the dream of RHYTHMinTWENTY and Rogue and what we hope for those guys who start these journeys. We hope that something will awaken in them, that there will be a dream: a desire to live life differently with a sense of adventure and a willingness to “make the jump”, and to move without guarantees. We hope there will be an excitement to engage in the mystery of God’s calling and the life He hopes for us to live.

There is this fantastic scene near the end of the movie where Walter catches up with this famous photographer he has been chasing around the world. The photographer is in the Upper Himalayas waiting for this rare moment to capture an image of a snow leopard. Eventually the leopard appears, but instead of taking the picture, the guy just learns back and says something like, “Sometimes I don’t take the picture. Sometimes I just want to be fully in the moment. I don’t want to miss anything by messing with the camera.” What follows is a beautiful, deep time of quiet, when the two men soak in the beauty of this rare, spontaneous moment, that was given to them.

That scene represents how I want to live this year — with a sense of awe, with a sense of intentionality and focus,  but leave plenty of room for quiet, spontaneity and those rare moments that may come my way. I want to breath in all of it, the  people, the opportunities and  the mystery of whatever comes my way in the months ahead. So, here is to giving that, my best shot…..

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