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Indicators and Movement

I had a chance to take a couple of days of space last week. I have a strong sense that God is readying me for a significant year in a lot of different ways. A few things came to mind that I am thinking through in more depth this morning. I think this year for me needs to be about indicators. About movement.

It is this dance between waiting… listening… attending, but not getting stuck… not waiting to long… moving when I need to move.

I went fly fishing this last summer with my sons in Montana. It was a bucket-list experience for sure. Now that I’ve done it, it is back on my bucket list for the next year in a big way. It was incredible!  We were on the Yellowstone River fishing with double flies. It was the dry fly on top that was the key. It was the indicator. With the rush of the river, the action of the boat, and the natural beauty around you, you could really easily miss the great hits under the surface — unless you were attending to the dry fly. Paying attention, watching, listening to the guide were critical. I can’t tell you how many fish I missed because of the many great distractions around me.

This idea of indicators has become a major theme for me in 2015. One thing I have noticed in my own journey over the last few months is that I quickly become bored. In my spiritual journey I am easily frustrated and often find myself disappointed in my relationship with God. In the past, those times for me have led me to some really hard spots, as well as some awesome times in my journey. I wonder why there are such long times where God seems so distant. I wonder why  people I am close to have experienced such disappointment and struggle, and such long periods of time with unanswered prayer. I have found myself wondering again about the role of prayer and if it  really makes a difference.

I find myself needing some clear indicators as we think about taking some significant steps of faith in Harbor Ministries this year as well. Is it finally time to take some significant steps in securing a Harbor “anchor site” in Estes Park? As we launch new Rhythm and Rogue groups in 2015, what do we need to do to come along side strategic leaders in these new groups, and to continue to have impacting relationships with current leaders?

I have a lot more questions than answers right now, but I think some of what I need to be about in 2015 is around these themes of indicators and movement.

So here is hoping I don’t set the indicator too soon, or too late, because in either case, I may miss the moment.

Here is to not wanting to get stuck in a tired, boring place in my relationship to God.

Here is to hoping, waiting, listening, and seeing the indicators…  then setting the hook… and then creating movement when the time is right!

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