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Inspiring Moments…Holy Places, Part II

Today, I am compelled to continue my Top 10 List of personal inspiring moments and holy places. I hope there is something here that will stir you

No. 2 – Surprised on the San Diego Boardwalk

Actually, surprised is not a strong enough word; words like amazed or stunned come much closer. I could write a book on this one. A few years ago, at perhaps the lowest point of my life, I sat on the wall of the boardwalk at sunrise. I was in His presence in a very tangible way. At a time when I really needed to hear from Him, He reminded me that He walks with us  through all that life throws at us.

No. 3 – A U2 Concert  Just Months After 9/11
I don’t know if Bono intended it or not  (I suspect he did), but through the lyrics, the music and the moment, U2  connected us to something much bigger than ourselves that night.

No. 4 -The Grand Canyon’s North Rim

No words needed here.

Gold Beach, Oregon at Sunset

No. 5 – Gold Beach, Oregon

So there is this trail just south of Gold Beach that winds its way to the ocean in southern Oregon. It’s an amazing place of awe-inspiring beauty and a sense of reckless adventure. You have to check it out.

No. 6 – The Jamaica Bike Trail, Five  Minutes From My House

I always feel a little bit better after a quick ride on this trail.

No. 7 – Mumford and Sons 

I am inspired every time I listen to “Awake My Soul.” These guys have captured the essence of what many of us are searching for and experiencing in life. I’m bummed they had to cancel their concert in K.C. this week

As I look at this list, I guess I’m struck by the  sometimes planned, but often random, unassuming and surprising ways God has made His presence real to me over the years. It’s a great reminder to me that as we just live life, as we seek Him, we may be able to see Him and experience Him in many different ways.

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