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Inspiring Moments…Holy Places, Part III

So when has God really surprised you? Where were you? Who where you with? What were you doing? Keep these questions in mind as I continue the Top 10 list of my personal inspiring moments and holy places.

No. 8 – Estes Park

There was  this crazy moment with my wife in Estes park. The sun was setting over the mountains. There was this mix of blue sky and clouds, and it was snowing  lightly from what seemed to be the clear sky above. It was one of those moments that is hard to describe, but we both paused and had this sense that it was just a glimpse of what’s to come.

No. 9 - Barry O’s

Barry O’s is a sports bar in Omaha where I met some friends after coming back from a John Eldredge conference several years ago. Eldredge’s writings and work have been a significant source of inspiration to me through  the years, but this one was different — more weighty. It was definitely a holy moment for all of us as I tried to pass on the unique way God had met during me the previous few days.

No. 10 –  Downtown Quito, Ecuador

I had a moment in Quito a few years ago when I sensed God telling me I did have something  to offer the leaders I was about to speak to from around the world. I was preparing to speak on living with rhythm, staying  the course and  finishing well, but I was really feeling unworthy of the moment that was in front of me. Somehow, He reassured me that despite my success and failures, I had a voice of restoration and hope for leaders, and that voice was needed. This is a moment and a mission that has helped  shaped Harbor Ministries and much of my life’s work.

During the past week I’ve shared  just a few of the my personal inspiring moment and holy places.  They have been random, awesome, inspiring, encouraging and often surprising moments; moments that remind me that God walks through all of it with us. He is right there through the spectacular, through the mundane, through the struggles…

if we keep our eyes and ears open…

if we stay quiet enough…

if we practice listening…

God breaks through.

Try making your own list. It will be a pretty awesome reminder that there is a bigger story playing out around you.

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