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Perhaps God Will Be With Me In….

I have been thinking a lot about this lately.

Last week I spoke on the story of Jonathan and his armor bearer at our church. It is a story that continues to blow me away. Here is the Hebrew army hiding in caves, hiding in holes, cowering in fear, afraid to take on the enemy.  It is easy to understand why: their king had lost his confidence and they were facing a far superior enemy — an army who had the swagger, the more significant numbers and the higher ground!

Enter the scene, the son of this once great king…and the young man who has carried his armor into many battles. Jonathan has had enough.  He has had enough of waiting on his father, he has had enough hiding when he knows that his God can win this battle by many or by a few. So he launches his plan; the two of them engage their enemies at their strongest point.  Just the two of them step out and then deliver one of the strongest and most amazing lines in the bible:

“And perhaps God will work for us”

Jonathan, 1 Samuel 14:6

The application of this has stuck with me for weeks.  If I really believe God walks with me through everything that life throws at me, then is there something I need to try? Is there an area I need to step out in?  Is there something God has been nudging me towards but I have been hesitant about because the outcome is unsure?

For the last couple of years we have been renting this house in Estes Park for the RhythminTwenty and Rogue events that I am involved with. I cannot shake the thought of what amazing things could happen if we owned that place.  But it seems impossible, the cost would be to high, it just seems like way too much money to raise. Yet I can not shake it, and the thought of “perhaps God will work for us…” continues to come to mind.

Just maybe it is time to step out on that one!

You may have some  time over this holiday weekend to sit with this thought: Perhaps God would work for you in…? Anything come to mind.? It can be a bit scary to think about, but more than that it, this is a phrase that can stir some amazing movement. For me,  it stirs this desire to step out, to try something, to not settle for the comfortable.

Perhaps God…

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