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This Makes no Sense

So what do you do when God directs you toward something but it doesn’t seem to make sense?

I was thinking again this week about the vision and the dream of Harbor Ministries. It seems like yesterday but it was like  six years ago that I asked Ben Harms and Kyle Dellevoet to meet me in Colorado so we could start dreaming about launching a new ministry — a ministry that could be a harbor to strategic leaders. A harbor that could give them the encouragement, the resourcing, the restoration and, we hoped, the inspiration they would need to stay the course and finish well in their families, ministries and places of influence. A harbor that was so strategic and so critical that it would have world-changing impact.

But then…the part that didn’t make much sense… invite just 20 guys at a time into this journey! The other part that made no sense was those 20 guys were going to have to be gutsy enough to commit to a three-year journey with people and leaders they knew nothing about. I still remember one of the guys saying that his wife thought that this RHYTHMinTWENTY thing was a cult, but he so needed something that he was willing to take the risk.

It was a great few days as we struggled with this idea of investing in 20 leaders at a time in such a deep way that it would change their lives, families, and the churches, ministries and businesses they lead.

What eventually came out of that time was a clear mission of “helping strategic leaders live with rhythm, leave a legacy, and finish well.”  God willing, we would accomplish that through what we now called RHYTHMinTWENTY for leaders ages 25 to upper 30s, and eventually the ROGUE Journey for leaders ages 40 and older.

Now, seven groups into this amazing experience, I can honestly say that what seemed to make no sense makes perfect sense. But we needed to be willing to take the step, to take the risk. We had to say, “let’s try this and perhaps God will work for us.”  Time moves way too fast, so I want to do my best to live the next season of my life with that same willingness to sometimes do the things that make no sense.

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