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Inspiring Moments…Sacred Ground

So where do you go to get inspired? Where do you go to catch a breath, re-fill your tank and get some wind back in your sails? Is there a place  – a spot that encourages or inspires you?

I asked this question last summer when I was in need of some inspiration, when I needed some reminders that God was still in control. I was stuck and I needed to work my way through some things. I really needed to get some new perspective. Not knowing my journey at the time, a friend sent me the following quote from an unknown author: “There is something to be cherished in the wide open spaces, if only the chance to breathe in unknown air, in search of a new way forward.”

For me it was the nudge I needed, so I jumped in my Explorer and headed to the wide open spaces of southern Wyoming and Northern Colorado and landed at one of my favorite spots, Hahns peak.

We had one of our most “memorable” family hikes at Hahns Peak when we made a bold and reckless attempt  to conquer the peak with 12-, 10-  and five-year-old kids!  (We did not make it.)  There are a lot of memories there and through the years,  I have often gained some fresh perspective and needed direction in that place. Something about it drew me back again last summer and I was really glad I made myself move and take the time.

With the next couple of posts I am going to take you to some of my “sacred places” and some of the inspiring and surprising moments that I have experienced. For me it is just good to remember…good to remember that there are places and moments where we can just breathe deep, feel a connection to something much bigger, and be reminded there is beauty and inspiration to be captured, if we just take the time to get to some of those wide open spaces.

So I am looking for a new place this summer.  Where would you go?

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