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Listen to Your Life, Part I

We do a thing with the groups of leaders we work with in the Rhythm and Rogue events where we take a look at the last year. We think through the highs and lows, the successes and failures, moments of frustration and great fulfillment, and we talk it through with others.

One of our Rogue groups.

We take a step back and look for any themes, or anything God could be telling us through it all. I think in a lot of ways, He is already talking to us; whispering to us through the day-to-day events of our life. As I was preparing for a recent talk on this, I thought again about some old scrapbooks I used to keep as a kid. Lets be clear: I don’t do scrapbooking now. I don’t do scrapbooking parties. I like football, a good drink, fishing — you know, guy stuff. But when I was a kid I kept track of everything. I was the one who would keep extensive scrapbooks of our family vacations, travels, sporting accomplishments, etc. I just did not want to forget and I did not want others to forget either.  One summer when I was eleven, I actually journaled all the fish I caught. I mean every fish. I may post it. It’s a good read!

As I was looking that over I realized again why I love putting together the RHYTHMinTWENTY  and Rogue events. Something in me loves pulling people together for shared life experiences — the kind of unique and memorable experiences that stand out. The kind of experiences that make a difference, that mark the journey for people.

So, are there some things that stand out from your younger years?  Things you were passionate about? Things that were unique that might offer insight into to your calling in this next season of life?  Give it some thought and let me know what you come up with. Sometimes we just need to slow down enough to look, access, listen. He may already be speaking.

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