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Listen to Your Life, Part II

So how has God worked in your life? When have  you have really sensed His presence and His leading?  What has that looked like for you?

Last year when we started Rogue for guys 35ish and up, I was already swamped. Harbor Ministry was really gaining momentum, and we had just started the fourth RHYTHMinTWENTY group. It was a crazy pace, and we were dealing with some tough stuff in our family at the same time. I knew Rogue would add another significant piece. But through all of that, I had sensed God’s leading. In fact, launching Rogue confirmed again how God has typically worked in my life; an idea comes, it is consistent with the vision, passion, and things I deeply care about. Typically I start to engage the ideas with people I would love to join with on the journey. If  there is some synergy and confirmation from those close, I take the next step. If  my mind starts to race and I have trouble sleeping as more ideas come and momentum builds, it’s a good sign.

Then a significant moment always comes: a crossroad. A time of risk is required. Very seldom have all the ducks been in a row. There has always been risk. There was always a significant step that needed to be taken.  THEN His confirmation has come.

In the case of launching a new leadership event like Rogue, I struggled with doubt, and I wondered…

What if no one comes?

What if I can’t raise the necessary money to make it happen?

What if people do come, and it sucks?

But I know for me, there is a time when I have to step out and really risk. For me, all the things I have wanted to do — the things God has drawn me to — included risk, and there was that moment… there was a point where I had to choose to face the unknown and step out.

So I know it is critical to remember…  to remember how He has typically led and directed me in the past, because it can provide a great pathway toward what is next.


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